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Success Stories

My personal results have amazed me!

“I have developed an understanding, both anatomically and physiologically, of the work coordinated between brain, nerve, muscle, and eyeball. The pathway of healing has been well established. The coordination between Saema and Dr. Taylor has always appeared seamless. It is greatly appreciated. Saema is an amazing cheerleader and inspired me to keep working. To be honest, keep doing what you are doing. Thank you for being an integral part of my healing!”

– Jennifer C.

I Feel as Good as I Did Before the Concussion

“After sustaining a concussion, I spent 18 months dealing with associated headaches, eyestrain, and motion-sickness/nausea. I happen to mention these issues to my regular eye doctor and, thankfully, she referred me to Dr. Taylor for an evaluation. Dr. Taylor determined that my eyes were not working together properly and she developed a vision therapy program specific to my needs. Dr. Taylor’s excellent vision therapist, Denise, guided me through several weeks of therapy sessions that resulted in great improvement in my visual function (assessed through objective tests before therapy and at the end of therapy). But, more importantly, I now feel so much better! I can get through a work day without headaches and total exhaustion, I can drive without feeling nauseated, and I’m back to reading for enjoyment… I feel as good as I did before the concussion.”

– Char T.

Vision Therapy Games Helped with My Lazy Eye

“I am 11 years old and I am in 6th grade. I started vision therapy about 6 months ago because I was seeing double because of my lazy eye. At vision therapy I did many eye exercises and played games such as the Stacatics Board and Jump Duction. Sometimes I played fun games, such as Spot It. At first, it was hard for me to play vision games, but it eventually got easier. These activities helped me improve my vision and now when I feel my lazy eye wonder off, I know how to fix it. I recently graduated vision therapy and I no longer see double.”

– Fiona B.

The Best Thing for My Son

“I was very skeptical about vision therapy and very reticent because of the cost. Initially, we opted for eye surgery since it was covered by our insurance; however, it did not fix the problem and put my child through unnecessary trauma. Vision therapy was a big commitment but I truly believe that it was the best thing I have ever done for my son.”

girl vision therapyImproved Reading Level

“In the space of 7 months (during vision therapy) she (my daughter) went from kindergarten to a 3rd grade reading level.”